Laser Fumes & Dust Extractors

Product Description

Apzem® Mini Gold series Laser dust and Fume Extractors are specially designed extractors catering the need for compact, portable medium duty fume dust extractors for Jewelry processing industries. All our gold series extractors were designed specially to extract and recover the precious metals like Gold, silver and Platinum dusts that is generated while Hallmarking, Engraving, cutting and other processed involved in jewelry manufacturing giving greater return on Investments to jewelry manufacturers.

All our gold series extractors were build with high quality steel with powder coated exterior finish, easy to recover filter modules that are specially designed to maximize filtration of even ultrafine precious metal dust particles and minimizing efforts to recover the metals. Build with high pressure extraction module, filter choking alarm indicator capable of extraction and recovery of very ultrafine gold dust particles. Our mini Gold Extractors are specially made catering the needs of jewelry Laser marking, Hallmarking, Engraving, Jewelry spot welding, Laser cutting applications. Contact us at 7401373819 or send enquiry to to understand more about the products, features, and recovering of gold dusts .




Features & Applications

Unique Features

  • Unique design
  • Compact size
  • Optional Flow Control
  • High Pressure Extractors
  • Silent operation
  • Very affordable
  • Easy filter change.
  • Three Stages of Filteration 

Optional Features

  • Remote start stop signal
  • VOC / Gas Sensor
  • Filter choking alarm indicator


  • Gold marking
  • Jewelry Engraving
  • Laser cutting of Precious metals
  • Hallmarking
  • Gold, Silver and Platinum processing.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow :0 to 250 CFM.
  • Pressure : 40 inch of W.C
  • Power option : 230V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.Three phase (optional)
  • Casing : MS with Powder coated.Stainless Steel (Optional)
  • Filtration : Three stages disposable filters.
  • Primary filters : Deep bed pre filter
  • Secondary Filter :Combined HEPA & Carbon Filter
  • Flow Control : 0 – 200 CFM with PWM adjustable knob.
  • Customization : Yes , customization available suiting your needs.

  • Inlet duct dimensions can be matched to machine exhaust port dimensions.
  • VOC & Gas Sensors can be provided with alarm on request
  • Remote start stop signal / Interface (optional, provided on request)
  • Filter choking alarm indicator ( Optional)

  • Adjustable extraction arm (P/N : AEA-001)
  • Flexible Fabric hose ( P/N : AFH – 002 )
  • Table Mount Clamp (P/N : ATC – 003)

  • Disposable Pre Filter (P/N : ACF-011)
  • Combined filters ( P/N : AFH – 010)


Model NumberDescription
ALF 8010110 CFM extraction with disposable filters
ALF 8020250 CFM extraction with disposable filters

Apzem has a strong team of Consultants & engineers having vast knowledge in Air pollution control domain, and with expertise gained in designing and installation of dust collection system for similar wood working industry across the country would like to be your partner in solving all your dust control & other air pollution control problems.

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