Laser Fumes & Dust Extractors

Apzem® Mini Auto clean Series Laser Fume Extractors are specially designed for entry level Laser Marking , Engraving and cuttingapplications that generates large amount of fine dust particles and small amount of fumes. Auto clean series extractors comes with automatic pulse clean features enabling continuous duty and lesser pressure drop across filters. It is highly recommended for Closed type CO2 Laser engraving – cutting machines, and it protects the Operators from inhaling hazardous fumes and particulate matters and prevents the dust being settling on Lens and other components of the machine minimizing maintenance breakdowns. And also it increases machine quality of the product being Lasered.

Mini Auto clean Fume extractors comes with very fine deep pleat cartridge filters as primary filters. Coupling with auto clean features makes it one of the best choice for applications generating more dusts over fumes and eliminates tedious manual filter cleaning efforts and saves machine maintenance breakdown time. A compact and uniquely designed, and modular extractors catering for wide range of Laser Marking , Engraving & non metal cutting applications.


Features & Applications

Unique Features

  • Portables
  • Unique design
  • Compact size
  • Automatic Filter Clean Option
  • Silent operation
  • Very affordable
  • Easy filter change.
  • Modular Design

 Optional Features

  • Optional Flow control
  • Remote start stop
  • Portable option
  • VOC / Gas Sensor


  • Light Duty Laser Marking
  • Laser Engraving and Cutting
  • Wood ,Facbric & other non metals

Technical Specifications

  • Flow : 175 to 500 CFM.
  • Pressure : 1000 Pa.
  • Power option : 230V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.Single phase (optional)
  • Casing : MS with Powder coated. Stainless Steel (Optional)
  • Filtration : Three stages
  • Primary filters : Cartridge filter
  • Filter cleaning : Provided with automatic Pulse cleaning .
  • Customization : Yes , customization available suiting your needs.

  • Inlet duct dimensions can be matched to machine exhaust port dimensions.
  • Speed control can be provided on request.
  • VOC & Gas Sensors can be provided with alarm on request
  • Remote start stop signal / Interface (optional, provided on request)
    • Adjustable extraction arm (P/N : AEA-001)
    • Flexible Fabric hose ( P/N : AFH – 002 )
    • Table Mount Clamp (P/N : ATC – 003)

    • Cartridge Filter (P/N : ACF-004)
    • Carbon Filter( P/N : AFH – 005 )
    • Pre Filter (P/N : APF – 006)


    Part Number Description
    ALF 200i 175 CFM .25 HP / .18kw Three Stage Fume Extractor
    ALF 400i 350 CFM .5 HP / .18kw Three stage fume extractor
    ALF 600i 500 CFM 1 HP / .18kw Three stage fume extractor