Laser Fumes & Dust Extractors

Application Description

Laser marks permanently on almost all metals and non metals including plastics, Acrylic, Glass, Leather, wood etc. The high energy laser beam heats the substrate locally and makes it to change it’s color naturally. Some common applications are in Permanent Part number Marking in Medical, Automotive , Electronics, Aerospace components manufacturing for Traceability. 

Laser Marking is one of the handiest methods for marking products permanently. A lot of different materials can be marked including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, gold, silver, nickel, silicon, wood, glass, acrylic, delrin, and a variety of polymers.


Materials Processed


Applied Fields

 Medical Industries - Marking on surgical Instruments
  Artifacts Manufacturing - Marking & cutting on wood and other metals
 Marking on metals

Suitable Fume Extractors

Recommended Fume Extractors
LFX 100
ALF 200
ALF 2010
ALF 3010

Industrial dusts are of different materials and have different physical and chemical properties. Some are abrasive in nature, some are highly combustible and explosive in nature, some are corrosive, and some are sticky and have high moisture content.

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