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APZEM is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company .Apzem is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Air Pollution Control Equipments like dustcollector, Fume extractor, Wet scrubber, Dryscrubber, Fumehood etc and Ventilation systems to its customers from different kinds of industries. Our products are built by well trained experts and it is designed to meet your needs. All our products are build with outmost quality, complying to all international standards . Along with our products, we are also engaged in offering our clients with Ventilation Survey & Air quality audits. Our optimal quality range of products is a result of constant research and development. Our professionals strive much such that our delivered products are flawless and perform to its maximum efficiency.

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All our products are designed by well trained designers and are developed with great accuracy.We deliver products across the globe on time .Our service team is well equiped and has done several successful installations.


Our professionals are well talented and trained experts. They come out with the best and efficient design in the indusrty.Our clients are delivered with the finest and the most efficient product. Hard work of our team members led us in gaining an edge in the market. The highly qualified team we nurture helps us to reduce, eliminate and prevent any kind of discrepancy, which could hamper the quality of the products.Strong management and efficiency of our team helps us to deliver products without any discrepancy .

Why  Us ?

Apzem has a keen intention on clean air and providing safety during welding, dust removal, and all harmful gases removal in varies air pollutant industries. We provide solution for any kind of challenge and we can develop and design the air pollution removal system to meet your needs.Choose APZEM – a leader in Air pollution control equipment manufacturers and harmful smoke removal.

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